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Scalp Directory is dedicated to showcasing the best SMP work around the globe to give prospective scalp micropigmentation clients an idea of the kind of results they can expect when they choose their scalp clinic. Hair loss is something that only those affected by it truly understand, and we just hope that we can make the transition into feeling more comfortable in your own skin a bit easier. Scalp Directory was formed by clients of scalp micropigmentation that realized the need for such a directory.

"I wish something like this had existed when I was searching for my smp artist. It would have saved me a lot of time and disappointment."

— Ken Aldridge Co-founder of

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Select your City/State to see more information, including blog articles written in your areas and some of the featured artist performing SMP near you.

Scalp Micropigmentation in Arizona

SMP in Phoenix is the ideal solution for receding hairlines and bald patches on the scalp.
Choosing the Best Scalp Micropigmentation.  Click Learn More to find SMP artists near you:

Scalp Micropigmentation in New York

When the procedure is done by the best SMP artists in New York, you can expect natural-looking results.  Click below to find an SMP artist in your area:

Scalp Micropigmentation in Miami

Here, you can trust Scalp Directory, which is a repository of information about scalp micropigmentation and lists top SMP artist in Miami.  Click ‘Learn More’ to learn about SMP artists near you:

Scalp Micropigmentation in LA

The one-stop shop for scalp micropigmentation artists in Los Angeles, Scalp Directory serves as the solution to your problem of finding the best SMP technician. Click below to learn about SMP artists near you:

Scalp Micropigmentation in Boston

Scalp Directory is your destination to find top SMP artists in the city. All you need to do is to find the scalp artist in Boston as per your needs.  Click below to learn about SMP artists near you:

Scalp Micropigmentation in Houston

Scalp directory gives you an insight into the type of work that has been performed in the
niche in Houston.  Click below to learn about SMP artists near you:

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