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Scalp Directory is intended to be your one stop shop when it comes to not only picking the best artist for your work, but also learning about the business’s ins and outs.

We provide a free centralized hub of trusted information on Scalp MicroPigmentation that allows its users to make the most informed decision regarding their scalp procedure.


Answers to your Scalp Micropigmentation questions.

Tips and Tricks

Tips on what to look for when choosing an SMP artist.

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Industry Expertise

Industry practices and standards to inform the consumer and artist alike

Why Scalp Directory?

Scalp Directory is dedicated to showcasing the best SMP work around the globe to give prospective scalp micropigmentation clients an idea of the kind of results they can expect when they choose their scalp clinic. Hairloss is something that only those affected by it truly understand, and we just hope that we can make the transition into feeling more comfortable in your own skin a bit easier.Scalp Directory was formed by clients of scalp micropigmentation that realized the need for such a directory.

Behind Scalp Directory

Scalp Directory was created by two recipients of Scalp Micropigmentation: Benjamin Gaines and Alan Richards.

Gaines and Richards were friends from college, and both suffered from hair loss now in their late 30’s. In 2015, Gaines decided to do something about it and started searching for an SMP artist to do his head. It was challenging to find one at this time, but he eventually was able to find someone through Instagram. Richards independently found someone later the same year through google and looked up more photos through Facebook. When the 2 of them ran into each other one year later, they both shared their story regarding the difficulty they both had when trying to find a reputable company and artist that could perform their scalp micropigmentation procedure. 

Richards, with a background in marketing and Gaines with a background in computer science, decided that they could help make the process of finding a scalp artist much easier by bringing all of the photos, self-promotional apps, bios, and websites all to one platform. They developed the concept for Scalp Directory. Scalp Directory was developed to allow individual artists and companies to list their company profile and their scalp work on one site that would subsequently list all social media aspects of the individual artist(s) as well. The staff at Scalp Directory interview industry experts in SMP and hair loss on a regular basis to inspire content that is intended to educate the general population on what to look for when selecting and SMP artist. 

Scalp Directory now has a presence in every state throughout the US in order to help sufferers of hair loss to find the right artist for them.

Scalp Directory is the Number 1 central hub for all things SMP.

We have new content being published on a near-daily basis by our in house SMP experts. More SMP artists call Scalp Directory home than any other online platform. With our own expert-driven content combined with the scalp artists in our directory sharing their knowledge, you can learn everything you need to know about SMP and choose the best artist for your scalp micropigmentation procedure.

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