Jul 12
New Orleans SMP for Hair Loss

With age, it is natural to lose hair density. The first sight of hair loss is your…

Jul 05
SMP versus Tattoo vs. Laser vs. Microblading

How do SMP versus other hair restoration techniques compare? Scalp tattoo, SMP, and…

Jul 04
SMP versus Tattoo: Which Goes Deeper

Many people consider scalp micropigmentation as another tattoo, but when doing an SMP…

Jun 29
Does Bakersfield SMP Make Hair Thicker?

Does scalp micropigmentation affect hair growth? The simple answer is: No, Bakersfield…

Jun 27
Dallas SMP Treatment for Diffuse Thinning: Does It Work?

Hair loss is not a pleasant sight for anyone. It’s quite disturbing for both men and…

Jun 26
SMP Removal: Is It Possible?

Is SMP removal possible? You have decided to go ahead with scalp micropigmentation but…

Jun 24
SMP Technician: How To Trust One?

A trusted SMP technician is one who has undergone the right training and has the…

Jun 24
Scalp Micropigmentation in Philadelphia Penn: Is It Noticeable

Is scalp micropigmentation in Philadelphia Penn noticeable? Does SMP look real in…

Jun 12
Does Sweating Ruin Phoenix SMP?

What happens if I sweat after Phoenix SMP treatment? Or when is it okay to exercise…

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