Hair loss is often accompanied by the loss of self-confidence. When you start losing more hair than normal, you look for hair restoration solutions that might help bring back your confidence and self-esteem. You could try different types of hairpieces as well. But New Orleans LA SMP is far better than a hairpiece. Here’s how.

New Orleans LA SMP Vs Hairpiece

A hairpiece or toupee is an artificial cover for your bald patches. It is a piece of hair made from real or synthetic hair that is used to cover up baldness. A wig is different from a toupee, which covers only a part of the head. It requires some sort of adhesive to stick onto the scalp and can be pulled on and off easily. On the other hand, scalp micropigmentation is a permanent cosmetic treatment that involves making tiny insertions into the dermis layer, which are filled with pigment to create the look of follicles. SMP is meant for correcting receding hairlines and covering thinning hair, male/female pattern baldness, and scars.

SMP vs Toupee: Maintenance

New Orleans LA SMP is a permanent hair restoration solution, which means you don’t need to worry about thinning hair or bald patches or scars after the procedure. It requires literally no maintenance, with only a few SMP aftercare tips needed for upkeep. However, SMP works best as a hair restoration solution when performed by a skilled professional.

For someone with long hair experiencing hair loss or scalp problems, a hairpiece might work best, especially if they are attached to their hair. However, the problem with hair pieces is that they need to be put on and off each day. You want to store it carefully to avoid damage.

Anyone not too happy with their hairpiece or upset about thinning hair, baldness, or a receding hairline can opt for SMP. Additionally, if you are wearing a hairpiece, you are always conscious about its placement and might fear accidentally losing it in public. Moreover, in some climates, wearing a wig, hair system, or toupee is not the best experience. It might make you more conscious of your looks.

If a hair system is not the right choice, then is SMP worth trying as a hair restoration solution?

New Orleans LA SMP

Scalp micropigmentation is an alternative for people who don’t want to go under the knife or live with the apprehension or fear of losing their hair system in public. Of course, there are those who don’t want to spend too much time maintaining one either. SMP in New Orleans is an innovative hair restoration method that replicates the look of a buzz cut. It creates the impression that you have just shaved your head.

The technician implants tiny dots on the scalp using the best SMP pen and ink that look like hair follicles. For a thickening effect, the scalp practitioner can use their SMP skills to make the hair appear denser. With scalp micropigmentation, the results are almost immediate. It takes only 2-3 sittings for a person to get the results of their choice.

SMP gives the look of growing stubble for those with a bald head. For thinning hair, the right New Orleans LA SMP practitioner will create the impression of more follicles.

Scalp Directory

However, to get the best results, the need for choosing the right treatment provider cannot be ignored. If you choose inexperienced hands or an unskilled practitioner, you run the risk of a botched SMP procedure. In some cases, the result will fade quickly or even discolor.

Explore Scalp Directory to find the best New Orleans LA SMP practitioner with the skills and experience to deliver the best results.


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