Category: Scalp Micropigmentation Equipment

Jul 04
SMP versus Tattoo: Which Goes Deeper

Many people consider scalp micropigmentation as another tattoo, but when doing an SMP…

Jan 23
SMP in Tulsa OK: 5 Things To Do Before Treatment

Now that you have made up your mind to opt for scalp micropigmentation, what steps to…

May 16
SMP in Raleigh in NC: Does It Work With Hair Transplant

Are you planning hair transplant and SMP in Raleigh in NC? Is it actually possible to…

May 11
SMP in Long Beach Ca: Determining the Number of Sessions

How many SMP in Long Beach Ca sessions do you need to achieve the best results? Well,…

Jun 27
SMP in Fresno: How To Reduce Discomfort

Wondering how to reduce discomfort with SMP in Fresno for hair loss? Are you still…

Jun 20
Can SMP in Nashville Be Done in One Session

For men and women, the sight of hair loss can be devastating. It spoils personality…

May 20
SMP and Pain: Does Scalp Micropigmentation Hurt?

Now that you have decided to go ahead with scalp micropigmentation for gray hair or…

Dec 12
What’s so special about SMP needles?

Although Scalp Micropigmentation is often compared to tattooing, the needles differ in…

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