Scalp micropigmentation is a widely popular hair restoration procedure but there are some SMP in Houston in Texas side effects that you must watch out for. Typically, SMP is a safe procedure without too many adverse events. The most common side effects are itching and redness at the site but these signs disappear as the skin heals. Poor technique or inexperienced SMP technicians might be blamed for some serious SMP side effects.

Common SMP in Houston in Texas Side Effects

Swollen Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes might get enlarged if they fill with “dangerous” cells. The nodes are responsible for filtering abnormal cells from the blood. A swollen lymph node behaves like a firm, moveable ball when touched. They may or may not feel painful when touched. Sometimes lymph nodes could swell due to the pigment used. So always look for a scalp artist who uses natural pigment or color to cover patches of baldness or hair loss.

Oversized dots from SMP in Houston in Texas

Scalp micropigmentation often results in scabs at the spot where each micro pigment dot was inserted. Since the scab has the pigment color, the dot looks larger initially. However, the scabs disappear 5-10 after the session. Once it has healed, the true size of the dot appears just like a normal follicle.

Quick Fading of the ink

If the SMP practitioner does not use high-quality ink, it might fade away quickly. In that case, you must talk with your scalp artist immediately. But to avoid such a distasteful experience, try to look for the best scalp micropigmentation practitioner in Houston, who has expertise in delivering results using the best quality ink. This prevents the risk of an unhappy, unsatisfying experience with SMP in Houston in Texas.

Tight scalp

One of the common SMP side effects is that the scalp might feel tight after the procedure. During the skin healing process, tiny wound scabs form. These scabs feel tight as they are not as elastic as the normal scalp skin. But the scalp tightness feeling goes away gradually as the wounds heal. As a result, the scabs disappear.

Color of dots changes

One SMP side effect that becomes noticeable in some clients is the changing color of the dots. This is primarily caused when the artist uses regular tattoo ink. This might become even more noticeable if they inject the ink deep into the skin. This might result in the breakdown of the pigment, which may turn blue deep under the skin. Sometimes this could result from contaminated equipment. The scalp practitioner must be careful in using the best-sterilized equipment as any contamination can result in side effects for the client.

Should You Choose SMP in Houston in Texas?

It is, therefore, crucial to find a highly qualified and experienced scalp artist to prevent any side effects of SMP in Houston in Texas. Scalp Directory is your best guide to finding the top SMP artist in Houston. Make sure you look for the one who has expertise in delivering the results that you desire.


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