Can SMP in Nashville Be Done in One Session

For men and women, the sight of hair loss can be devastating. It spoils personality and hurts self-esteem.  What’s more, baldness can ruin your sense of identity as well. Male/female pattern baldness does not seem to have a tangible solution. Luckily, scalp micropigmentation promises to hide those patches under the garb of the best ink for SMP in Nashville. Microneedles inject the pigment into the scalp.

But is it possible to do SMP in one session? Well, no, you need multiple sessions to get the desired results.

Need for SMP in Nashville in Multiple Sessions

Scalp micropigmentation in Nashville is fast becoming a popular choice for men and women who no longer want to worry about hair loss. It is a revolutionary technique that hides the bald patches with a pigment that matches the color of your scalp. The best SMP artist uses microneedles to inject the ink into the scalp that mimics your original follicles.

However, SMP is carried out in separate sessions.

Need for Multiple Sessions for SMP

In the initial stages, the best scalp artist in Nashville starts with light pigment and goes progressively darker. The best scalp micropigmentation technician will advise you not to overdo it in the initial session.

In that case, you might end up with too much pigment or a low hairline. The first session is meant to check how your scalp heals. It also helps the scalp technician find how it retains the color.

This allows you ample time to get used to your new look.s

In the follow-up session, the best SMP artist in Nashville evaluates the healing power of your skin. At this point, any modifications are easy to make. For example, to lower the hairline further, it can be done easily.

Or you may need to add more density to the scalp.

That means there is no reason you could go too dark or too low by the time the treatment ends. Multiple sessions surely put you in complete control. The technician can make gradual adjustments in the follow-up sessions.

Whether you wish to add density or lower the hairline, the best scalp artist in Nashville can fine-tune details in the next sessions.

Second, spacing out the treatment in multiple sessions gives the skin ample time for recovery. Remember, being the largest organ, the skin may react differently on different parts of the body. While some parts of the scalp may hold the ink longer, some may not hold it well. Therefore, spacing out the treatment is essential to create that perfect look.

You cannot expect the desired look in one session.


While some clients may be happy with their looks in 3 sessions, some others may need multiple sessions for that perfect look.

If you choose an experienced technician for scalp micropigmentation, you might achieve the desired results quicker. The reason is that specialists have the experience of working on different scalps and may add more density right from the beginning, knowing the proper depth that retains more pigment. 

Ideally, it is best to space out scalp micropigmentation in Nashville in different sessions with a gap of one week. Moreover, it should help your cause to wait for the final session for 3-4 weeks to get a clear idea as to what stays and what fades away. This also allows the technician to add more depth and density to areas that look lighter.


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