Does scalp micropigmentation affect hair growth? The simple answer is: No, Bakersfield SMP does not make hair thicker! But it does create the impression of a full head of hair. The fact of the matter is that scalp micropigmentation is one of the most effective ways to add density to hair. The most experienced scalp artists know the importance of laying the ink carefully and precisely to ensure remarkably natural results.

Does Bakersfield SMP Ink Stop Hair Growth?

There is no reason why scalp micropigmentation will adversely affect the growth of hair. In fact, the procedure does not have any impact on hair growth. It neither stops hair growth nor stimulates the growth of hair.

Now you might ask if you can grow hair after scalp micropigmentation.

The answer is yes, and there is no reason why you cannot. However, Bakersfield SMP does not have any impact on the growth of hair, especially when you choose a scalp expert for the job. The reason is that hair follicles sit deeper down the skin from the point where the pigment is deposited.  

SMP is designed to camouflage the sight of thinning hair, bald patches, or a receding hairline. The procedure is effective as a scar camouflage technique. Whether the scar was the result of a hair transplant surgery or an accident, scalp micro pigmentation helps hide the flaws when the SMP artist in Bakersfield matches the pigment color with that of your skin color.

Does SMP Help Grow Natural Hair?

By now it is clear that scalp micropigmentation or hair tattoo is a camouflage treatment. That means it is used to cover flaws on the scalp, from bald patches, thinning hair, diffuse thinning, receding hairline, and hair loss. Of course, it is not meant for stimulating hair growth. However, the scalp artist blends the pigments perfectly with your existing natural hair to recreate the look of natural hair. Sometimes it might be mistaken as hair growth, but your hair has not grown back. The scalp gets coverage with the pigment that matches the skin color, thus creating the look of real hair.

The look you get after the procedure is that of a buzz cut. Therefore, the procedure works best for men with a buzz-cut appearance or those with bald patches or thinning areas. SMP is an ideal hair restoration technique for those with a receding hairline as the pigment effectively covers the areas of hair loss.

SMP treatment is effective as long as the person with the pigment in his hands is experienced in the craft. So in order to make the process a success and realize your dream look, do not ignore the importance of a skilled scalp technician, who knows his craft and has a good experience working with the SMP tools. They can effectively cover up those bald patches even though it does not stimulate natural hair growth.

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