SMP Procedure – How Will I Look After

Now that you have decided to opt for scalp micropigmentation, you might be curious to understand as to how you will look like after the SMP procedure. Well, when the SMP artist places the last drop of the best ink for SMP, you can examine the results in a mirror. This is the time to get an idea as to how natural the replication technique looks. Slight irritation and redness is normal across the scalp. The pigment should be clearly noticeable. The redness is due to the blood bringing nutrients to the scalp to accelerate the healing process. While you might be tempted to touch the scalp, it is advised not to do so. Allow your body adequate time to heal.

The Result After A Few Hours of the SMP Procedure 

True, the needlework might cause slight irritation to the scalp. You might experience the same even after a few hours. Although not everyone experiences pain during the 3d scalp micropigmentation procedure done by the best SMP artist, some sensitive guys might undergo slight pain. However, the pain does not last long and should completely go away a few hours later. 

A Few Days After

The scalp slowly returns to its natural color as the redness goes away. Ideally redness should go away by the fourth day. This shows that the body’s natural healing process is under way. However, it is still advised not to touch the scalp. The scalp might feel some sensitivity to touch. It is a good idea to cover the scalp with a hat to protect it from sun rays. If you do wear a hat during the recovery period, it might help to take it off for some time to let your scalp breath.

After One Week

The best scalp artist may want to check your scalp after one week of the first session to determine whether you are ready for the next round. By the first week, your scalp should have completely healed. It is natural to see some scabs at the treated site. Avoid pick at the scabs at any cost. Scabs are the result of the healing process. 

The best scalp micropigmentation artist will give you complete aftercare guidance so you can enjoy the best results. 

When done by expert hands with the best ink for SMP, the procedure produces long-lasting and highly effective results. 

Remember, the efficacy of the procedure lies in the hands that work on your scalp. Choosing best scalp micropigmentation artist is essential and you cannot overlook it if you yearn to regain your lost confidence.


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