Is SMP in Tucson Arizona for Postpartum Hair Loss

So you have had a baby but are also troubled with postpartum hair loss and wondering if SMP in Tucson Arizona meant for you. True, pregnancy does bring about a lot of changes in your body and hair loss is one. But you might not be comfortable seeing the sight of falling hair. The fact is that it is completely normal to lose hair after a baby. But if that sight troubles you, look for scalp micropigmentation as a solution to cover the problem of falling hair.

SMP in Tucson Arizona for Postpartum Hair Loss

In reality, hair loss after pregnancy happens due to the sudden slowing down of the hormonal rush in your body. Your hormones were highly active during pregnancy, with higher than estrogen levels that prevented hair from falling. In fact, some women even term this phase as the one when they had the best hair ever.  After childbirth, hormonal levels drop and return to their pre-pregnancy state due to the sudden drop in extra estrogen in the body.

While on average, hair loss in a woman is between 50 and 100 hair strands per day, postpartum hair loss is quite shocking for women. It may be as high as 400 hairs. So hair shedding becomes quite visible. Although this is a normal part of postpartum, some women are shocked to see the loss of so much hair. Luckily, in many women, postpartum hair loss is temporary and the hair is more likely to return to its normal growth phase within 10-12 weeks. For breastfeeding women, hair loss might prolong. But if the hair loss continues for months after childbirth, you might need the right treatment for hair restoration. It could be due to alopecia or thyroid disorder.

If you cannot stand the sight of hair loss, SMP in Tucson Arizona offers the right solution to your hair shedding woes.

How Does SMP in Tucson Arizona Help

If you are experiencing female-pattern baldness, you might wonder if there is a permanent hair restoration solution. Well, typically, women may experience pattern baldness in their 50’s and 60’s when they enter the menopause phase. During menopause, hormonal changes result in hair fall, though female pattern baldness may affect young women in their 20’s or 30’s.

If you feel a sense of embarrassment or self-consciousness due to hair loss, you might be on the lookout for hair loss solutions. SMP in Tucson Arizona may not be a hair loss solution that promotes hair growth, it surely covers those bald patches. Besides, it creates the impression of a fuller head of hair. Scalp micropigmentation does not stimulate hair growth but it covers baldness so you no longer feel embarrassed looking at your balding scalp.

Besides, maintaining a healthy, balanced diet along with SMP aftercare tips can help you keep the scalp micropigmentation results for a long time without feeling embarrassed about your looks. Eating a healthy diet rich in protein can help stimulate hair growth and strengthen locks. Whether you are experiencing hair loss after pregnancy or suffering from female pattern baldness, SMP in Tucson Arizona does offer hope if you find the best scalp artist for the job.

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