New Orleans La SMP for Grey Hair: Does it Work?

New Orleans La SMP is touted to be one of the most effective hair restoration procedures to cover flaws in the scalp, including thinning hair, hair loss, pattern baldness, and receding hairlines. Does that include grey hair too? Well, ideally, SMP can work with different hair problems, types, and colors. But people with greying hair often seek a lasting solution to their problem and wonder if scalp micropigmentation is compatible with silver or grey hair. With aging, the hair loses its natural pigment. As a result, they become grey. Does SMP work when the hair has lost its pigment? Or does the SMP treatment cater to gray-haired persons?

How does New Orleans La SMP Ink work With Grey Hair?

Scalp micropigmentation is a solution for all types of hair colors. It can help you achieve a natural-looking result even if you have greying hair. With the help of a professional SMP practitioner, you can achieve the look you desire. Scalp artists start by diluting pigments mixed with distilled water to get the look you desire. However, there are specialized HD pigments available that need no dilution. They come with a color-matching chart that can help you achieve the desired tone and color without diluting the pigment. A scalp practitioner must be extra careful and experienced when it comes to diluting SMP colors to get a tone that matches the scalp skin and hair.

A reputable SMP artist can help you achieve a highly personalized look for greying hair.

What Happens to SMP When Your Hair Turns Grey?

Many New Orleans La SMP artists recommend clients shave their scalps once or twice a week. This depends primarily on how fast the hair grows. Shaving is required to maintain the hair length so that any new hair growth does not contrast with your pigmented scalp. Shaving will help maintain a clean-cut look that appears greyish.

The SMP pigment will fade over a period of time, though at a slower pace. So you don’t need to worry too much about it. Getting regular touch-ups will help revive the look and you will never have to bother about the fading ink. Touch-ups help mimic the appearance of actual hair. That’s exactly what you aim for!

Do You Need Touch-Ups With Greying Hair?

Touch-ups are very much a part of SMP maintenance. Scalp practitioners use lighter pigments for a touch-up so that the ink blends better into your look. A touch-up with new and old pigments is more likely to give you an ultra-realistic look of a buzz cut. During a touch-up session, you can customize the treatment and request a sharper hairline. If the practitioner feels that this will look realistic, considering how grey your natural hair has become, they will go ahead to fulfill your expectations.

The best New Orleans La SMP artist will give you a timeline for touch-up sessions. The goal is to help you maintain the look you have always aspired for.

Now you must be looking for a trained, skilled, and experienced SMP professional to treat your grey hair. Scalp Directory is a hub of professional scalp artists in New Orleans La. You can explore the website to find one who has done exactly what you are looking for.


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