SMP Hairline Types: What Should You Choose

Are you exploring options in SMP hairline? Well, scalp micropigmentation is a widely popular hair restoration procedure for people of all ages, irrespective of gender. It can do everything, from concealing thinning hair to rejuvenating a receding hairline. Perhaps if you seek a sharp, clean-looking appearance, this is it. Besides, there are plenty of options to try out with SMP – you may make a style statement with your new look but SMP does not give you an unrealistic look. However, several factors determine the outcome of SMP treatment. Let’s explore these factors.

If you seek a viable solution to your hairline problems, scalp micropigmentation can help you achieve that perfect hairline.

SMP Hairline Restoral

Medium SMP hairline

If you are looking for a solution to restore your original hairline, SMP can help. The technique follows the same hairline that you had before the hair loss. It’s not faded, but a blend of soft and defined hairlines. The medium hairline appears denser with some lighter shades.

Lightweight hairline

The best SMP artist creates a subtler or ‘faded’ hairline with light-colored pigments, removing boundaries to achieve a look close to the real appearance, resembling a closely shaven head. If you have a lighter skin tone, this might be the best choice of SMP hairline for you as it is more noticeable. The best scalp technician can still create the right appearance for darker tones with this hairline by blending the pigment.

Soft and broken hairlines

If you have a lighter skin tone and hair color, soft and broken hairlines might appeal to you. What makes it popular with lighter skin tones is its uneven and faded appearance that blends with the skin complexion. If you have experienced a complete loss of hairline, soft and broken SMP hairlines are a good option as they look more natural with less pigmentation.

A broken/jagged hairline involves scattering the pigment below the actual hairline, which creates the appearance of real hair.

Edged-up SMP hairline

If you are looking for a sharp hairline, choose the hard line with scalp micropigmentation. There is no deviation from the standard hairline without any breaks into smaller pieces. You will love the ultra-clean look with edged-up hairlines.  However, this may not be the best choice if you seek something realistic, as edged-up hairlines veer more into aesthetics. It may be more appropriate for darker skin tones as hard lines appear naturally compared with lighter skin tones.

Defined SMP hairlines

If a sharp, freshly cut appearance interests you, then defined hairlines with scalp micropigmentation are a good option. It is ideal for dark skin complexions and might not be the best solution for a fair skin. This creates a visible yet distinct hairline that you can boast of and flaunt in style without anybody noticing what you have done. Defined hairline could be your hair restoration procedure to create the impression of looking younger. For those who have not had an extreme hair loss, defined hairlines with scalp micropigmentation is the way to go.

Since defined hairlines are suited more for darker skin tones, it is a good choice for African Americans. However, the best scalp artist knows how to mix and match pigmentation colors with your skin tone and create a flawlessly look.

Other Factors to Consider for SMP Hairlines

Never opt for an ultra-low hairline when undergoing SMP as that would create an unrealistic look. Imagine extending your hairline above your natural hairline. It may not blend well with your hair and you might end up with a look you had not desired.

Starting with the position of your original hairline is a good idea.

The shape of your hairline is another factor that can impact the appearance of your hair. The objective is to ensure that the shape of the hairline compliments your facial structure.

Scalp micropigmentation gives you the liberty to tweak your hairline. However, it is important that you avoid going too overboard with it. Else, you might end up with an unnatural look that is not for everyone.

Ideally, you should choose a well-rounded SMP hairline that compliments the shape of your head. The best scalp artist can help you create as sharp, defined, and realistic hairline that turn heads.

There are different types of scalp micropigmentation hairlines and making the right choice can help create a realistic look. Communicate with your technician about your choice and they can shape your SMP hairline accordingly. Find the best scalp artist from the Scalp Directory local listings.


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