SMP in Kansas City Missouri: Result After 10 Years

If SMP in Kansas City Missouri attracts you, you might wonder if scalp micropigmentation is the way to go. Well, if you are suffering from hair loss, SMP is the right way to go. If the receding hairline is becoming more prominent, you may want to try out SMP. Scalp micropigmentation has become popular due to its long-lasting effects that are of permanent nature. No doubt, it might look similar to tattooing. SMP gives a long-term solution to hair loss, that too, without any significant side effects. But you want to understand the effectiveness of SMP. How long will the effects of scalp micropigmentation last if you choose to go for it?  

Is SMP in Kansas City Missouri Permanent

True, scalp micropigmentation is revolutionizing the hair restoration industry. Once the sessions are over and you follow SMP aftercare tips, you can expect the results to last for a long time. It could be as long as 7-10 years, with regular touch-up sessions that will help keep the color similar to fresh. Touch-ups are a way to revive the color that has faded away over a period of time.

Now you might question if SMP gets discolored.

The answer is no. Scalp micropigmentation retains its color, though it might fade over a prolonged period of time or even if the scalp is exposed to too much sunlight.

When an experienced scalp artist in Kansas City Missouri works on your scalp, it will last for a long time. This could be a minimum of 5 years. After that, you may need a touch-up session to revive that look.

Does SMP Fade?

If someone tells you it does not fade, they are cheating on you. Gradual SMP fading is common, though the intensity of fading may differ from one person to another. There are several factors involved, including skin type, immune system, and exposure to direct sunlight.

Skin cells are constantly dying and renewing. This process will have an impact on your SMP in Kansas City Missouri results.

 Since these factors are out of control, you cannot do anything about it. However, your choice of a scalp practitioner will also determine the SMP longevity.

If you want your scalp micropigmentation results to last longer, look for the best SMP artist. The right scalp artist has experience with your type of scalp and understands your expectations. The best SMP artists use the best pigments and have the best tools for the scalp job. Their choice of pigments ensures that the color never gets discolored over a period of time. The best practitioner will tell you that the color might fade over a period of time. However, it may never turn green or blue or any other form.

If you experience fading after a few years, book a touch-up session and you can easily revive your looks. But if the stubble look bores you, you may want to change your hairstyle. In that case, you may need to book a session for SMP removal. Again, this requires expert hands. You must look for trustworthy, reliable, reputable, and experienced scalp practitioners.

Find the top artist of SMP in Kansas City Missouri today. Scalp Directory can help.


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