SMP Results: Fake or Real

Considering scalp micropigmentation? Are you wondering about SMP results? Perhaps you want the results to be realistic and undetectable. When performed by the best scalp artist, such flawless results are expected.

Do SMP Results Look Fake?

Some people pin high hopes on scalp micropigmentation to achieve unrealistic results. In that case, if you ask your scalp artist to fulfill your unrealistic desires, scalp micropigmentation might look fake. However, SMP is a great solution for hair loss and to relieve the emotional distress resulting from bald or thinning hair.

The best SMP artist can blend the existing hair with micropigmentation so the result is not noticeable. People can give you complements for your good look well but not understand what has changed.

SMP: Is It a Good Idea?

Scalp micropigmentation is absolutely the best treatment for those bald patches, receding hairline, or alopecia. The look the best scalp artist tries to create with a shaven head is that of hair with small dots. To do this, the artist uses micro needles and a specialized technique to replicate dots.

For people with longer hair, the artist focuses on reaching the right density of micro dots over a period of time. The focus is to give clients results that look like a full, natural head of hair.

In the hair restoration industry, scalp micropigmentation is an innovative procedure that doesn’t offer the hope of new hair growth. Rather, it is one of the most effective ways to conceal the problems that accompany hair loss. Under the procedure, a technician administers pigments underneath the epidermis or outer layer of the skin.

After the pinpricks or scabs have healed, you are left with imitation follicles that are duplicates of the real follicles. The SMP result looks authentic, hiding scarring or signs of diffuse thinning.

How Are SMP Results Guaranteed

The best scalp technician is one who has undergone training in scalp micropigmentation and has experience in the industry. It is important to pick the right technician to do the job. Is the scalp artist known to update their knowledge?

They should have good experience of working on different types of scalp problems.

Can you check their before and after pictures of SMP results delivered thus far?

Can you see any positive recommendations on social media in their name?

You should feel comfortable with your choice of artist and clinic.

This is what guarantees effective SMP result.

For best SMP results,  you should shower your scalp before the initial treatment. This is important as you cannot wet the scalp for the next 4 days following the treatment session. If you color the hair, avoid doing it for up to 3 weeks following the treatment.

For the best SMP results, look for the best scalp artist who has experience of working on scalps problems.

You cannot expect the technician to produce good results unless they are experts in the niche. Explore Scalp Directory to find the best SMP artists for the job.


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