Many people consider scalp micropigmentation as another tattoo, but when doing an SMP versus tattoo comparison, you realize that both are different. Scalp micropigmentation is not exactly a tattoo. In fact, there is a huge difference between the depth of the two procedures. The right scalp artists will tell you that the needle does not go as deep in SMP as in tattoos. There’s a reason behind that. Besides, there are several other differences between both procedures. It is not for nothing that people are going crazy for that natural stubble look that comes with scalp micropigmentation.

SMP versus Tattoo

When it comes to scalp micropigmentation, a well-trained and experienced scalp artist is aware of the need for keeping it not too deep. In fact, they strongly believe in keeping the procedure non-invasive, unlike a traditional tattoo. That’s why the right scalp artist places the ink only 2 layers deep into the upper layer of the dermis, as compared with a traditional tattoo needle that penetrates five layers into the skin. An experienced scalp practitioner knows how to hit the sweet spot.

There is a reason behind keeping the depth not too deep in scalp micropigmentation. In the top dermis, the pigment is more likely to retain its shape and form without fading or spreading quickly. Since tattoo ink is placed deeper, there are higher chances of the pigment spreading. This allows SMP practitioners full control over the final shape of the pigmented dot, where it is more likely to remain permanent for the next few years. With a few touch-ups within 4-5 years, the hair tattoo can continue to look as fresh as ever.

Scalp Micropigmentation Needle

A 3 points-micro-needle is widely popular in scalp micropigmentation circles. This needle is 75% smaller than the tiniest tattoo needle used in traditional tattoos. The microneedle penetrates easily into the top dermis layer, creating thousands of microdots without causing any pain. The SMP needed has a smooth point that penetrates without pain. Top scalp artists use needles with a porous body to have full control over the amount of ink injected into the skin. Better still, microneedles create tiny dots that cannot be differentiated from a real hair follicle. That means both look the same. Nobody can say this is an artificial dot.

Since the SMP needle size is minute and it does not penetrate deeply, the procedure is not very painful. There may be some discomfort though, and some clients rate the SMP pain level between 2 and 4. This allows the artist to create a natural shaved look.

The Verdict: SMP versus Tattoo

So you have seen that there is a whole lot of difference between scalp micropigmentation and traditional tattoo. While SMP is a non-invasive solution to hair loss, baldness, thinning hair, or a receding hairline, a tattoo is a cosmetic procedure that goes deeper into the skin. To achieve the best SMP outcome, the scalp practitioner must use the right tools, with the needle being the most important. An experienced and trained scalp artist knows how to correctly handle the tattoo pen and inject the ink. They understand the need for using the correct needle size and not go deeper into the skin.

So it all boils down to choosing the best hands for the procedure. Scalp Directory gives you a detailed insight into top SMP practitioners in your location.


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