Tips To Choose the Best SMP Artist

If hair loss, receding hairline, or male pattern baldness have been a constant irritant for you, it might help to opt for scalp micropigmentation. However, results might vary from one scalp artist to another. Since it is a fully visible treatment, the idea is to use the best SMP artist for the procedure. Remember, this hair loss treatment solution is a life-changing decision that could enhance your personality for years to come. Here are a few tips to choose the best scalp artist.

How To Choose the Best Scalp Micropigmentation Artist

Wondering why you need the best SMP artist when anyone can do the job? Well, true, scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive procedure for hair loss. However, the technique uses tiny microdots that the best scalp artist works on to inject natural pigment into the epidermis.

Moreover, it may take anywhere between two to four sessions for the artist to give you the look you desire. Each session can last several hours. After the whole treatment, you can expect a flawless finish that resembles an iconic buzz-cut.

Before zeroing-in-on one scalp artist, you should do your own research about the technique. How to do scalp micropigmentation? What is the best scalp micropigmentation machine? What is 3D scalp micropigmentation? You might want to pose these questions to the SMP artist before deciding whether they are a right fit for you.

Tips on Picking the Best SMP Artist

Now you might ask whether experience matters when choosing the scalp artist. Perhaps, you cannot select someone for the SMP job who does not have experience to show. The best scalp artist will have a good portfolio, with photographs of different clients. Make sure the client’s looks are recorded from different angles. Be on the lookout for hidden images. Remember, they are most likely to show you their best experience. On the other hand, an inexperienced scalp artist is more likely to show images copied from other sites.

Is It a Standalone Treatment Option

The best SMP artist is one who is a specialist in scalp micropigmentation. They will not mislead you into opting for another options for effective results.

SMP need not be coupled with surgery to produce dramatic results. Being a stand-alone procedure, SMP will produce natural and detectable results on its own, when performed by the best scalp artist.

Do not trust an SMP practitioner if they offer to combine SMP with another procedure for dramatic results.

Reputation Matters

Always look for a reputable SMP provider. Reputation is more valuable than the clinic’s location. You should be prepared to travel to a distant place if a reputable scalp micropigmentation clinic is far-off. Do your own research about the clinic and the scalp artist before finalizing one. You should be ready to ask the right questions.

It will help to do your homework about SMP and prepare a list of questions to ask the technician. You might want to know about their training and experience in the industry. It will also help to talk to them about various pigment options, implant depth, and how the colors are made.

Guarantee of Results

You should be curious to find whether the SMP clinic uses the best SMP machine for the procedure. It is important to enquire whether they offer guarantee of results. You might be interested to find whether there are any follow-ups required. What about touch-up sessions?

Inquire from the SMP provider whether you need enhancement. Ideally, clients who have had a hair transplant surgery need enhancement. Or those suffering from a scarring trauma might need to undergo enhancement. If the scalp artist confirms the need for enhancement in your case, ask them a few questions. How long do you need the enhancement ? How much will it cost?

The best scalp micropigmentation artist has a good experience and uses the best SMP ink that guarantees long-lasting results.


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