Why does San Antonio SMP Procedure Take 3 Sessions?

People looking for a solution to their hair loss problems can trust the San Antonio SMP procedure to overcome their hair loss blues. But scalp micropigmentation does not happen overnight. It is a gradual procedure that is usually done over 3 sessions. Each session spreads out 2 weeks apart. The best scalp artists do not stop until the client is satisfied with the results that their scalp looks perfect.  

If you want to achieve a natural-looking hairline, you may have to wait for the entire procedure to end to enjoy the amazing results that SMP has in store for you. Of course, a skilled and experienced scalp artist can alone deliver an amazing client experience. If a tattoo artist goes too deep or uses a darker pigment or uses big needles to complete the treatment in one session, you are most likely to end up with a botched SMP procedure. It might result in massive hyperpigmented impressions. Not only this, the ink might bleed all over the scalp.

Need for Multiple San Antonio SMP Sessions

The first scalp micropigmentation session is always light and natural looking. Top scalp artists go from light to dark, gradually increasing the density with each session. The idea is to ensure that there’s no sudden change in the client’s look. They are also wary of starting too low with the hairline. SMP professionals don’t want to go too dark with the ink. They cannot take the risk of being wrong with the needle size and depth. The goal of the first session is to eliminate the risk of starting too dark or too light. A skilled scalp practitioner knows that there is no going back if they start too aggressively.

During each session, they make a decision whether to lower the hairline or go the other way round. Here the goal of the San Antonio SMP session is to create optimal results and gradually increase the density while considering the client’s opinion throughout the procedure.

Why do you need 3 sessions for SMP?

When experienced SMP practitioner works on a client’s scalp, they aim to get an effective blend, both along the sides and into the back of the scalp so they can create a flawless transition that looks natural and not fake. Three sessions also give the body enough time to accept the pigment.

Scalp micropigmentation does not happen overnight. If someone tells you that they can create a flawless look for you in one San Antonio SMP session, you should not spend a minute more with them and reconsider your options.

SMP takes time and experience. The best scalp artists pay the utmost attention to detail and provide personalized touches to deliver the best results once the whole treatment is complete.

Good work requires patience. SMP is a visible treatment that can make or mar one’s personality. No doubt, it’s a life-changing experience too. So why rush it? Trust only reputed scalp micropigmentation practitioners for the job.

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