SMP in Arlington Tx is growing in popularity. However, for those having apprehension about scalp micropigmentation, tricopigmentation is a temporary alternative. Tricopigmentation gives the client a temporary solution to SMP. This allows them time to get used to the look before going for permanent micropigmentation.  Since tricopigmentation is a temporary procedure, it uses pigments that do not last longer than 12-24 months. On the other hand, SMP uses permanent pigments designed to last longer.

Is Tricopigmentation Better Than SMP in Arlington Tx?

Tricopigmentation is a non-invasive hair restoration technique for hair loss that offers guaranteed results. There are plenty of benefits of tricopigmentation. An experienced and well-trained technician can deliver the best results.

Replace Lost Hair Density

Tricopigmentation is an excellent solution for thinning hair and recreates the look of a full head of hair to cover patches of missing density.

Restructure Hairline

A receding hairline is a sign of balding. Tricopigmentation helps the client rebuild the hairline to a preferred position.

Scar camouflage

Scars are often the result of a hair transplant surgery. It is here that some people prefer SMP in Arlington Tx. Many opt for tricopigmentation as a temporary solution to hide scars. The highly specialized technique conceals even the worst hair transplant scars.

Alopecia correction

Tricopigmentation is an effective solution to hide alopecia symptoms. The procedure involves the insertion of pigment into the upper dermis. This recreates the look of hair at the sight of baldness. The ink does not change its color nor turn blue or green. However, it fades away gradually without leaving any marks.

Tricopigmentation pigment is composed of particles that are filtered, centrifuged, and encapsulated in a membrane that protects the skin. This ensures that all of these particles are similar in shape and dimension and smaller than the microphages of the immune system. As a result, the immune system can easily absorb them without problem in a homogenous way. That prevents any change in the pigment color. Once they are absorbed, the body expels the powders like any other unnecessary substance.

Depth of Pigment

Tricopigmentation practitioners work in the upper dermis, which lowers the risk of pigment fading or discoloration. Usually, Tricopigmentation ink is ash-grey in color – identical of keratin. The best artists of SMP in Arlington Tx are experts in adjusting the pigment color according to the client’s hair color and tone.

Why Choose A Tricopigmentation?

Clients have an opportunity to decide whether to continue with their inked scalp or choose another hair restoration procedure. Once a client opts for tricopigmentation, they can modify their hairline, which is not possible when they choose SMP in Arlington Tx.

Besides, the needle used in tricopigmentation is different from those used in other procedures. It is specially designed with a specific structure to deposit the same quantity of pigment at the same depth everywhere. The structure of the needle ensures that the artist can achieve perfect dots every single time.

The flexibility of tricopigmentation ensures that clients can easily decide whether they want to continue with an inked scalp or change to something else. If they are happy with it, there is always an option to go for the permanent procedure of SMP in Arlington Tx.

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