Hair loss hurts women more than anyone else, and luckily, SMP in Mesa in Arizona can help. But before coming to scalp micropigmentation, let us explore the causes of hair loss in women. Why do some women experience more loss of hair than others?

Does SMP in Mesa in Arizona Really Help? Hair Loss Causes


If you have a family history of baldness and hair loss, then your hair shedding is no exception either. It is primarily the result of your genes. That means no hair growth solutions will work. luckily, SMP can still help cover that balding scalp so nobody knows you have a scalp without hair.


In women, hair loss might also be the result of hormonal disturbances. When levels of one hormone drop, hair shedding might be apparent. This is especially true with postpartum hair loss when women experience severe shedding of hair after delivery due to a significant drop in estrogen levels.


With age, the growth of hair becomes slower. An aging person might also suffer from serious deficiencies, which could further contribute to hair loss.


True, environmental stressors may also be the cause of women’s hair loss. Researchers claim that exposure to air pollutants or particulate matter is often responsible for reducing the level of a specific protein in follicles. The study says that this is the very protein, which is otherwise responsible for fueling hair growth.  The decreased levels surely result in hair loss. But if you are suffering from hair loss from pollution, SMP in Mesa in Arizona offers hope. Although this may not help with hair regrowth, you can hide those patches of hair loss with the scalp pigment that gives you the look of a fuller head of hair.


Well, if you are someone who smokes, then there is some bad news for you, especially if you are fretting your hair shedding. That tobacco might be the cause of your hair loss as smoking can damage follicles and result in hair thinning and breakage. Besides, smoking may cause thinning of arteries, which could further reduce blood flow to the follicles, resulting in hair shedding.

It’s better to quit smoking and focus on health for all the good reasons.


Women experience stress in all forms of life because they are multi-tasking and have numerous roles to play. This puts them under a lot of stress, which puts follicles to the resting phase. Research also finds that white cells affect follicles and hair growth.


Recently, the COVID-19 virus has affected the globe adversely. Covid survivors are now faced with extreme hair shedding. Therefore, they seek the best hair restoration treatment options.

Irrespective of the causes of women hair loss, you might find respite in SMP in Mesa in Arizona.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Women Hair Loss

Are you wondering if SMP for women works? Well, it does similar to men. In fact, a woman with hair loss will enjoy the look of a full head of hair with scalp micropigmentation.  The procedure is meant to camouflage alopecia symptoms and cover hair transplant scars. What’s more, SMP in Mesa in Arizona can help in concealing birthmarks. Some women choose scalp mciropgimentation in combination with a hair transplant to add density.

So what are you waiting for? Scalp Directory will land you in the hands of the best artist in SMP. Start exploring now.


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